Dec 03

The HaHaHa Pentaward

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The HaHaHa Pentaward

One day, I was sitting with my old friends Brigitte and Jean Jacques Evrard, chatting about humour, one of our favourite topics. I mentioned that humour seems to have no place in today’s business world. Digitalisation has made us so efficient that there is no time to lay back, think and smile. So Jean Jacques [...]

Mar 19
Sell your city, country or region

The origin of raw materials such as cacao or coffee is one way of promoting a country or region. This is done quite often, be it with or without quality seals as “Café de Colombia” or “Rainforest Alliance Certified”.

Jan 26
What do I learn when storechecking?

One of the most important activities for a marketing specialist is to learn what competitors are doing.

Oct 29
Typographic pack design

When art and the practice of typography joined forces with the invention of movable type and the printing press in the 15th centry, who could then foresee such a fantastic development, which was going to be amplified with the arrival of the digitalisation? Calligraphy, also used in pack design, is of course even older and if we go further back in time, we find the Chinese proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And this is exactly what this article is about! Can typography ‘paint’ a picture on the front of the pack to tell a great story? Yes, in the manner of the “LOVE” art by Robert Indiana, first as a Christmas card in 1964 and then as a sculpture in 1970.

Oct 11
The killing of 7 myths

First: you have to show your pack in your ad,
Second: There is only one way to show the GDA,
Three: Recycle whenever you can…

Oct 11
Point-of-Sale, Henry got it all!

These days, my main interest has swung over from package design to in-store communication. Why? Because I find that so much more could be done in this area to trigger sales! Today, it seems that brand managers focus on sticking logotypes…

Sep 02

Lars Live!

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Lars Live!

Did you know that you can have Lars’ learning live?

Jul 19
What we can learn from the Shark

Many years ago, Nestlé tried to launch KitKat in China, with little success, as the recipe was wrong (for the Chinese), i.e. too much chocolate, two little biscuit and too expensive.

May 06

It’s about selling

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It’s about selling

As far as I see it, package design is all about selling a product to a new consumer who will hopefully be satisfied and come back! As I have no real influence on the product itself, it is my job to stimulate purchase through exciting package design. To do this, here are the ten points which all play a role and which have to be optimised in one way or another:

Mar 28
What a package designer reads II (PS)

We just published part II of what I read and as it was written some months ago, some books were not yet published and some were forgotten. So here are 4 more which I have had great pleasure in reading:

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