Jun 11
10 Unwritten Rules or Beliefs – good or bad

In any profession, there are misconceptions, false ideas and misunderstandings. I meet them quite often in my daily work with marketing/brand managers or package designers. Here are my opinions on ten issues chosen at random:
Red is warm, blue is cold
I hear often that certain colours cannot be used for certain products/packages. It must be green, [...]

Feb 18
If I were the owner of a food and beverage company

I could most likely include non-food FMCG companies, but my experience being mostly within the food and drink segment, my comments will relate to these products.

Oct 24

Congratulations Lars!

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Congratulations Lars!

Best wishes from Filip and HelloSwe.

May 20
Do it BIG or stay in bed

Can it be said better? I doubt. On a recent business trip to Austria I was once more reminded of the fact that in every single market in Europe we ‘overcommunicate’. Not only on packaging, but equally on POS, outdoor advertising, TVC or print.

May 19
Brand identity…

Brands are in a sense virtual, helping to make products real. Products will always be more important than brands as they fill the latter with real substance. However, what we buy is more often a brand than a product as the brand has a superior emotional content. We buy Nescafé rather than freezedried soluble coffee and Red Bull rather than an energy drink.

May 19
Design starts with an idea

Why sketching is important, or how to take pictorial notes. Did you know that there are basically two types of people on this earth? Visual and non-visual ones. The non-visuals can furthermore be divided into kinestetic and auditive, but we will not deal with this issue in this article.

May 18

Pizza packaging

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Pizza packaging

After breakfast cereal packaging it is no doubt the pizza category of products that offer most creativity (colour, layout, concept) in a supermarket. If the big selling pizza brands for obvious reasons amplify the appetite appeal there are still quite a number of secondary brands which offer highly interesting design solutions.

May 14
10 ways to improve your package design

Package design is no doubt a multi-diciplinary occupation. To succeed you need knowledge in many fields of activities. Here is a summary of the ten most important.

Apr 23

My three best bottles

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My three best bottles

They are S. Pellegrino, Tabasco and Maggi Aroma (1920 edition) as we have a lot to learn from them. Unfortunately the Maggi bottle has today lost its uniqueness, while the other two bottles are still going strong.

Apr 23
Logotypes, Typography & Icons

Looking at package design from a graphical point-of-view in general and from a typographical (i.e. lettering) point-of-view in particular the question no doubt arises of whether typography communicates or whether it is just letters put together. To answer this question let us look at the 10 ways letters can be ‘put together’ and what they [...]

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