Jun 16
Design & Copy = Copy Designer

In an advertising agency, we have project leaders, creative directors, account executives… and copy-writers.
At the beginning of my career, I was mostly trying to solve problems visually, i.e. with pictures, photos, etc. while during my last 20-25 years, I have become more interested in the verbal side of the communication. And here I should like [...]

Jan 26
Typography, a communication tool

Once I heard that typography was a “beautiful group of letters and not a group of beautiful letters”.

Apr 17

Forever recycled

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Forever recycled

I have already written about cardboard and aluminium as packaging material. This time it is steel. Plastic and glass are still on my list, as all materials have a role to play in the world of package design. I like them all, but when it comes to longevity and protection, steel is a clear favourite.

Oct 17
The Beauty of the Movement

Learning to write, forming the various letters like the teacher writing on the blackboard, is also learning to read. The same, unique movement of his hand, is equally the main tool for the graphic designer.

May 30
Advertising & packaging principles

Some general advertising & packaging principles

May 02
Focussing on a style is important to reinforce a brand identity

A strong brand identity is always built through proper use of the brand logotype and graphics, the colour or colour scheme and/or the brand spokesman, icon or symbol.

Aug 16
The 5 stages…

…to successfully visualize and verbalize an idea. 1st stage: DESIGN the key properties, i.e. the visual and verbal identity for the brand or product to be used in ALL media. 2nd stage: Execute the chosen idea in several media as for instance packaging, print advertising, website, POS material, TV or outdoor. 3rd stage: Design the final execution of this idea for the package which will ALWAYS be the main medium for the identity. 4th stage: Prepare a one-page identity sheet with a short explanatory text. 5th stage: UPDATE, SIMPLIFY AND AMPLIFY.

Aug 04
Total communication

In order to achieve maximal impact for least money is, as this article explains, not a complicated matter. However, in practice, very few brands achieve this today as the communication is split up between different units, departments or managers. Furthermore, a communication coordinator with decision rights is seldom at hand.

Jun 17
Great Learnings

Guinness just redesigned their 50cl draught can. Did you notice it? Maybe, maybe not. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that they did it right. This is unusual as today we mostly see up-datings or modernisations without real logic or common sense thinking – just playing around with different elements. Here are seven learnings:

Jun 11
What a package designer reads

I am often asked the question: “from where do you get your creativity?” The answer is: “mostly in keeping my eyes open, from storechecking, and being curious. That is what I would call the visual input to my brain. However, these images need stimuli to be of value and this stimulation comes from my verbal memory, from books I have read.

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