Jan 26
What do I learn when storechecking?

One of the most important activities for a marketing specialist is to learn what competitors are doing.

Apr 17

Forever recycled

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Forever recycled

I have already written about cardboard and aluminium as packaging material. This time it is steel. Plastic and glass are still on my list, as all materials have a role to play in the world of package design. I like them all, but when it comes to longevity and protection, steel is a clear favourite.

Feb 18
Art in pack? It’s all about ‘wrapping it up’

One of my favourite books is by Fabrice Peltier, edited by Pyramyd and entitled “Art, échanges créatifs”. Why do I refer to this book? Because it deals precisely with the subject I wish to write about, i.e. can a pack be art? In this connection, I picked out the great French verb “emballer” which means to pack or to wrap, as well as to be carried away by enthusiasm.

Oct 22
Brand guidelines, a tool for constant improvements!

“Rules can be broken, but never ignored”. Yes, we need rules and guidelines to avoid mistakes, but also to move in the right direction.

Sep 26
The perfect marriage

Surprising title when it comes to packaging communication? The title could also have been “Don’t change a winning formula”.

Jul 18
Aluminium, a material that should be seen

Most consumers know that wood fibers come from trees, steel from iron ore and aluminium from bauxite. Most of us may also know that, with 8%, aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust.

Jun 28

Packaging is great!

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Packaging is great!

How can it be that although packaging and everything related to it is one of the biggest industries in the world…

Jun 14

Design adds value

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Design adds value

Many food and drink products are today very similar which is due to the use of the same raw material, the same technical equipment in factories, from mixers to packaging line.

Feb 01
Why not a Letter or a Number?

… or maybe both! The attentive package designer has certainly noticed the great number of brands which are short and memorable, using only a letter, a number, or both.

Nov 21

Wine in bag-in-box

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Wine in bag-in-box

During a recent travel through the South of Sweden, I visited a few ‘Systembolag’, that is to say the special shops where you buy hard liquor, wine and beer. I was very impressed to see the creativity in the category of wines in bag-in-box and was not surprised to learn that 50% of all wines sold in Sweden are now distributed in this type of pack. This is no doubt a proof of what great package design can do! The creativity lies in graphic design, as well as in shape design and material.

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