Jul 19

Does this make sense?

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Very early in my marketing career I was told that, if you wish to build a strong brand, you cannot be two things, in other words, you must focus on one thing! I also learned that too many line extensions weaken the brand. Nothing made me change this opinion; I have seen many mistakes in marketing which just confirm the above.

The latest is no doubt KitKat Senses from Nestlé. Well, here’s another case which I will follow closely, as I doubt that it will be a success story.

A Kellogg’s brand, in this case Special K, is in my opinion a brand which has positive health connotations thanks to the two words cereal and milk. I suppose most consumers share this opinion. It is also a ‘sweet’ brand, as Kellogg’s products, from Frosties to Special K, are sugared or used with sugar.

What did I discover the other day, if not a range of snack products in the crisp/chips category which, as I see it, have very little health connotations! One of the products has an identical design to Special K Red Berries. Moreover, I think that it is the wrong type of pack. Snack products like chips or crisps are usually in plastic/aluminium foil bags to highlight the crispiness!

Future will tell us what will happen to Kellogg’s Cracker Crisps. My guess is that it goes the same way as Nestlé’s KitKat Senses!

The reason why the Crisp pack looks like the Red Berries is that the Kellogg’s company seems to have too strict a guideline which does not allow the agency to develop a unique design for this new range of different Special K products…

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