May 03

About Lars Wallentin

Born in Sweden and educated at the Graphic Institute in Stockholm, Lars Wallentin moved 1964 to Switzerland to the Nestlé headquarters where he was responsible, during almost 40 years, for the development of creative design solutions for the strategic brands such as Nestlé, Nescafé, Maggi, Buitoni, Nesquik or KitKat. He became a reference for many young marketing people as he was teaching design, communication and packaging around the world. Lars Wallentin, a true European, speaking several of its languages, is an avid Jazz-fan, former table tennis champion and an amateur photographer. He now spends his life writing about design and packaging and consulting various consumer goods companies. He is furthermore an appreciated speaker on packaging design and sits in several design juries. His device which clearly comes through in his teaching can be summarized in the three words: simplify, surprise and synergies.

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