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It’s local!

It’s local!

… and it’s in your big supermarket! One of the most visible trends in today’s fast moving consumer goods markets is no doubt the arrival of small local producers in the big supermarket chains.

How refreshing! … to now have the choice between buying from and supporting a local business or getting ‘factory-made’ products which sometimes [...]

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Use all the space and overlap!

Use all the space and overlap!

No doubt we see today a lot of great designs in advertising, point-of-sale or packaging, designs that are simple, interesting and communicate well as for instance McDonald.
However, I also see more and more average, even mediocre designs that do not do the job for which they stand for, i.e. selling a product.
I have found that [...]

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How to put a brand ‘top-of-mind’ by changing it

How to put a brand ‘top-of-mind’ by changing it

Twenty years ago, in the UK (of course!), a brave brand manager at Kraft Foods (as it was called at that time) accepted a proposal from the Design Bridge Packaging Agency to temporarily change TOBLERONE to “TO.MY.LOVE” for St. Valentine’s day! The rest is history. The whole production was sold out in about a week!

Kraft [...]

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Yes, it’s possible!

Yes, it’s possible!

… but only with a clear briefing, conceptual thinking, stepwise designing, an open-minded client and last, but not least, the right hierarchy of information… It took only 3 months from briefing to printing!
No guidelines to follow, no corporate branding (which, by the way, I find wrong), no rigid hierarchy to obtain decisions during the progress [...]

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Be close to your target!

Be close to your target!

The other day, I fell on two goblets standing side by side in the rather new product category of chilled ready-to-drink coffee beverages. As I love to analyse communication, this is what I found:
One design speaks the language of the young consumer who drinks on the go, while the other design most likely follows the [...]

Jan 22
Be visible… with or without pack!

If you look up the word “merchandising” on Wikipedia, it says “the display of products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase”. I had this word on my mind when I visited the Montreux Christmas Market with some 150 stands offering everything from handmade candles to oysters.

Jan 16
Key visuals give you freedom

… for better communication and stronger branding!

Dec 12
The art of surprising

If you don’t surprise in one way or another… you do nothing! Quite a radical statement, isn’t it? Well, it is slightly exaggerated, but there is truth in it. If we are in the business of marketing, selling and reaching out towards consumers, we need to be seen, listened to and be convincing!

Nov 21
Shoppers do not see what you see!

The biggest problem a brand or product manager has is to put himself in the place of a customer… what he sees from inside a company when it comes to packaging, point-of-sale material or even advertising, is not what the shopper sees when exposed to his material.

Oct 24

Congratulations Lars!

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Congratulations Lars!

Best wishes from Filip and HelloSwe.

Oct 22
Brand guidelines, a tool for constant improvements!

“Rules can be broken, but never ignored”. Yes, we need rules and guidelines to avoid mistakes, but also to move in the right direction.

Oct 11
Surprise, or you will not be seen, i.e. bought

In order to set the scene and emphasise why ‘surprising the consumer’ is so important, I have chosen a few quotations I’ve read during my 50 years in the business of designing packaging, POS material, advertising and other media:

Sep 26
The perfect marriage

Surprising title when it comes to packaging communication? The title could also have been “Don’t change a winning formula”.

Aug 23
The good, the bad, the excellent and the timeless

As one can learn as much from good as from bad examples, I passed by our local Nestlé shop with the idea of selecting one example each of these categories.

Aug 16


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Call-to-action is the terminology we use in marketing when we have such an appealing verbal or visual communication that the consumer actually buys the product.

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