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It’s local!

It’s local!

… and it’s in your big supermarket! One of the most visible trends in today’s fast moving consumer goods markets is no doubt the arrival of small local producers in the big supermarket chains.

How refreshing! … to now have the choice between buying from and supporting a local business or getting ‘factory-made’ products which sometimes [...]

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Use all the space and overlap!

Use all the space and overlap!

No doubt we see today a lot of great designs in advertising, point-of-sale or packaging, designs that are simple, interesting and communicate well as for instance McDonald.
However, I also see more and more average, even mediocre designs that do not do the job for which they stand for, i.e. selling a product.
I have found that [...]

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How to put a brand ‘top-of-mind’ by changing it

How to put a brand ‘top-of-mind’ by changing it

Twenty years ago, in the UK (of course!), a brave brand manager at Kraft Foods (as it was called at that time) accepted a proposal from the Design Bridge Packaging Agency to temporarily change TOBLERONE to “TO.MY.LOVE” for St. Valentine’s day! The rest is history. The whole production was sold out in about a week!

Kraft [...]

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Yes, it’s possible!

Yes, it’s possible!

… but only with a clear briefing, conceptual thinking, stepwise designing, an open-minded client and last, but not least, the right hierarchy of information… It took only 3 months from briefing to printing!
No guidelines to follow, no corporate branding (which, by the way, I find wrong), no rigid hierarchy to obtain decisions during the progress [...]

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Be close to your target!

Be close to your target!

The other day, I fell on two goblets standing side by side in the rather new product category of chilled ready-to-drink coffee beverages. As I love to analyse communication, this is what I found:
One design speaks the language of the young consumer who drinks on the go, while the other design most likely follows the [...]

Jun 08
Needing a magnifying glass…

For many, package design means surface design, structural design, graphical design, but unfortunately not communication design. That’s a pity!
Because package design is mainly about communication,
communication of:
-          branding (that gives trust);
-          appetite appeal or product appeal;
-          usage instructions;
-          useful information about the product, such as ingredients, calory content or vegetarian cuisine.
So why then is the information [...]

Jun 02
How far can you stretch a brand’s equity?

During a recent store checking, it struck me how many marketeers play safe by using one brand’s high recognition as a driving force to bring along new products, often in very different categories.
We all know that it is very costly to launch a new brand and that a line extension to an established brand is [...]

May 19

Henry went modern!

Posted by admin in Advertising
Henry went modern!

… was it a good decision? I’ll find out next time I am in Ireland!
Many of you have certainly read my article about Henry Keogh in Oughterard, the real salesman! I was back in Henry’s shop a couple of days ago and what did I find? Henry had changed his handwritten messages to nicely printed [...]

May 19
Why competition leads to high quality, good taste and constant improvements The Estonian experience

This site dealing with communication is, or should be, non-political. However, let me make a small exception… My latest two jobs before going on holiday to my beloved Ireland were in Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine (Odessa), so I have learned quite a lot about what ‘closed societies’ lead to.

I’m writing these lines after my visit [...]

Mar 31
Epda and why the exchange of ideas is essential

Today, it is more essential than ever to belong to a group. We can, no doubt, inform ourselves through the Internet on specific issues or via the professional press, not to forget websites like Dieline and maybe even this one!
However, one thing is information, the other is learning. Learning to understand, evaluate and progress.
Having been [...]

Mar 31

Missed opportunity

Posted by admin in Typography
Missed opportunity

When designing a sachet or a carton, you receive a technical drawing from your supplier, be it a converter, i.e. a printer or a machine supplier. This drawing indicates areas for glueing or areas which should not have too much ink, as it seals badly.
So far so good. However, as most packaging engineers or machine [...]

Feb 02
Why “Packagingsense” was created

One day when I was teaching in my native Sweden, Johan Kruse, a local marketing expert, heard me and proposed that package design communication, as well as in store communication, not to speak of advertising, could be far better if my simple message “simplify in order to amplify” were spread to a wider audience. Said [...]

Feb 02
Package communication Online

Those of you who have read my book or listened to my speeches certainly know the triangle I use to explain “what and how to communicate” in each media, from outdoor advertising to package design.
As more and more products will be sold online in the future, although food and drinks will constitute a rather small [...]

Jan 26
The best Briefing Questions

The attentive reader of www.packagingsense.ch has certainly studied the article “The Briefing Form” which was posted some time ago. Since then, I have worked with various companies, each of them having their way of briefing an agency.
Enriched by this experience, I have drawn the most efficient questions which please find below. I hope they will [...]

Jan 06
Designers! design also the back, i.e. service panel, please!

Food and drink packages should basically do 4 things:

protect the product;
sell the product, i.e. be attractive;
inform about the content;
be ergonomic.

Today’s package designers do quite a good job when it comes to protection. Themes like new materials, recyclability, etc. are on the checklist of every packaging engineer and most packaging designer. So basically, no problem.
The second [...]

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