Mar 19
Sell your city, country or region

The origin of raw materials such as cacao or coffee is one way of promoting a country or region. This is done quite often, be it with or without quality seals as “Café de Colombia” or “Rainforest Alliance Certified”.

Jan 26
Typography, a communication tool

Once I heard that typography was a “beautiful group of letters and not a group of beautiful letters”.

Jan 26
Don’t change your logotype, update your identity!

I am aware that I’m going to annoy some of my fellow designers with this idea, but, as someone said, if you have no enemies, you have no character!

Dec 09
Package design: it’s about adding value

If you offer more than expected, the consumer will always come back. This extra, this cherry on the cake, this bonus, call it what you want, is about adding value to the product/package. Obviously, this extra lies mainly in the product, i.e. it tastes better than expected, it is aesthetically more pleasing or it is more convenient.

Dec 09
When you add, why not also remove?

I have repeated over and over again that the best designs are (almost) always the most simple ones. My own philosophy is that, in order to become the number one in a product category,one has to constantly simplify the design. This means that it stands out on the shelf and that the brand is remembered. Three good examples are the Mars chocolate bar in Europe, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in the UK and the Maggi Cube in Africa.

Nov 24
15 Questions to package design agencies

Do you develop the briefing together with your client?

Nov 11
The primary colours in packaging and elsewhere

Red, yellow and blue make up the primary colours in a painter’s colour wheel. The secondary colours, violet, orange and green make up another triad. Triads are formed by 3 equidistant colours on the colour wheel.

Oct 29
Typographic pack design

When art and the practice of typography joined forces with the invention of movable type and the printing press in the 15th centry, who could then foresee such a fantastic development, which was going to be amplified with the arrival of the digitalisation? Calligraphy, also used in pack design, is of course even older and if we go further back in time, we find the Chinese proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And this is exactly what this article is about! Can typography ‘paint’ a picture on the front of the pack to tell a great story? Yes, in the manner of the “LOVE” art by Robert Indiana, first as a Christmas card in 1964 and then as a sculpture in 1970.

Sep 02

Lars Live!

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Lars Live!

Did you know that you can have Lars’ learning live?

Jul 19

Does this make sense?

Posted by admin in Design
Does this make sense?

Very early in my marketing career I was told that, if you wish to build a strong brand, you cannot be two things, in other words, you must focus on one thing!

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